Wednesday, February 16, 2005

People - A goldmine rarely explored

Organisation are goldmines waiting to be explored. And its your intangible asset - the people I am referring to. When was the last time were you given an opportunity to share your thoughts on the company you work.

Every individual brings in a unique perspective, majority of organisations usually takes the vast pool of human potential/talent for granted and fail to tap the power of knowledge.

One of my first management lesson came to me from a seminar presentation I attended during my final year of schooling, the presenter gave an example as an analogy, It was about a outgoing shop floor worker, who used his 2 minutes of fame during his felicitation ceremony to convey, a management lesson,he said " It was a pleasure working with XYZ all these years, this experience would have been memorable if XYZ used my brain as well which came free with the hands".

What it says is simple, explore the potential employees bring in to the table.Have you given them an opportunity to be a part of your business?

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