Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why we hate HR? Link with my comments

This article raised many eyebrows within the HR fraternity, the SHRM HR Magazine editorial featured a note on this article this month.To my utter curiosity, i read the article today, honestly I couldn't agree more. It did bring in my defenses but its a well researched and written piece on where HR is.

This article is a hard pinch on the HR community, it questions the "intellect" ability of HR pro's and raises a question on why the brightest in the campus stays away from specialising in HR and then digs on why HR is still not the management blue eyed boy.

The author was all praise for Libby Sartain, chief people officer at Yahoo.He believes leaders like Sartain are leading the HR pack by not just having a "seat at the strategic table" but by actually help build the table.

As rightly quoted , as more and more companies start to outfarm administrative and non strategic HR pieces to specialised vendors,unless we roll our sleeves and change our HR paradigm, we are at risk of facing redundancy.

Link to the article -
Why we hate HR?


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Shailendra said...

A friend of mine, an XLRI - PMIR alumnus, told me that HR tends to side with to co. management to look good to the management and the end result is an imbalanced HR strategy.

So, Couldn't agree more with what you said :

"Unless we roll our sleeves and change our HR paradigm, we are at risk of facing redundancy." -