Friday, February 17, 2006

The Indian Aviators

The Indian skies it seems are getting clogged.
Most carriers do an hour of taxing before landing at the Delhi and the Mumbai airports.

Praful Patel, the Indian Civil Avialtion Minister was recently quizzed by Prabhu Chawala ( Associate Editor – India/TV today) on Seedhi Baat. I never found ministerial speeches inspirational; however Mr. Patel seems to know what he is doing, a visionary, currently fighting and trying to give the Indian welcome ports a makeover.

Just in case you aren’t aware:
1) India was the largest buyer of Aircrafts in 2005
2) 5 more Airlines are entering the Indian skies in 2006
3) Aviation Industry will be one of the largest employers in the country.

With the privatization of two major terminals - Delhi and Mumbai, acquisition of Sahara by Jet, Indian Airlines calling itself “Indian” the best days of Indian Aviators are round the corner.

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